Another new week  

Well, the "works" are over and all the cowboys are gone...whew. Wild little son-of a-bucks. My son(who is 13)had a blast. He got to miss a couple of days of school to got work and love every minute of it. Best of all, he got paid $100 bucks a day....you can't beat that. He was pretty proud of his real first check.
Now it's time to start getting ready for the Western Heritage Classic in Abilene, TX. It's always a fun time and it's something we do every year. I guess I better git to shoppin' for something to where.

Not much else happened this weekend. I've got plenty of chores to keep me busy this week..I've clothes to wash, haircuts to give, and blogs to update.
Sorry for the boring post today. Maybe something interesting will happen between now and tomorrow.
We did get some rain this weekend..hope you enjoy the pic.


My Loves  

I love my 7mth old to death but I think I'm ready for a mini vacation. I would like him to visit his aunt for a weekend but he can't go until I see him crawl. You just can't miss a milestone like that.

I had my other kids at a young age and when you're that young all you want is for them to keep themselves entertained so you can do whatever it is you want. It's different having kids when you're older....I look at him and sometimes tears just come a rollin' because I love him sooo much and wonder why it took God so long to give me someone so special. I love every little facial expression he makes, the movements he does with his hands and feet, but most of all, the way he looks at me and just smiles because he knows I'm his mom.
All 3 boys of mine are the world to me..I can't imagine not ever having them.

I hope that no matter what your kids do, say, or act(especially the teenagers) that they know you love them...if it's hard to say out loud for some reason, then write it on a note..anything because they need to know and despite what you may think..they WANT to know.
Take Care


$500 Amex Gift Card  

Okay, I have some people asking me about the $500 Amex Gift Card above. Yes there are alot of these advertisements out there but this one is real. Several of these companies are legit, you just have to find the right ones. Well, guess what...I did. I received my gift card 1 week ago and in the plans to get more. I got it under $25.00 and that includes the how to part as well. I wouldn't be selling it if it didn't work. You just have to be savvy about how to do it. You would get step by step instructions on what to do. It's very easy. If you decide you want to try to, here's the link--- It's $15.00.
$500 Amex Gift Card for under $25.00

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My Husband  

Good Morning ya'll!!
Today I thought I would just talk about my husband for a bit. He recently started building handmade spurs, buckles, etc. For not having anyone show him how to do it, he has done an exceptional job. He's already got orders coming in. Here's a picture of some of his work.

He's also been busy with the works and breakin' horses these days. He got a horse awhile back that was just plain wild. In the picture below, the horse kept throwing himself backwards. After a little bit, my husband was able to get him under control. He turned out to be a really nice horse.....he's sold and gone and now we have new horses.

Well, I better git for now. I'll holler at you guys tomorrow. Be sure to check out my other blogs. Leave comments as well..it would be greatly appreciated.


A New Week  

Well, this weekend was pretty plain. Nothing exciting happened, that's for sure!
I worked on several things this weekend to put in my blogs. I'll be updating all of them throughout the day today. If any of you are on the lookout for a notebook, be sure to check out the links I have on My Savvy Electronics blog. You won't find a cheaper Dell with those configurations that are being offered. I just bought one myself. I can't wait to get it. Although, I don't know how that Windows Vista is going to be.
We have a really neat plant outside. It's called a Century Plant..or Maguey in Spanish. It has a life span of about 25 yrs, it blooms, and then it dies. Well, ours is going to bloom so I guess it will die after that, but a new is supposed to be growing to take it's place. I included a picture for those of you who are interested. Everyone have a great week!!


Prepare for the Dayworkers  

My husband has been "neighboring"(it means helping the neighboring ranch) and now it's time for everyone to come to this ranch to work. We have a bunkhouse here where the hired dayworkers stay so we will be cleaning up the yard and stuff like that.
Yesterday was crappy. My allergies were so bad that my eyes were swollen, my 7mth old cried for what seemed like all day, and I ran out of Dr. Pepper!! I'm about to have a caffiene fit!
Just got done working on my blogs, etc. I want to give a special shout-out to Cmanlong...he has helped me sooo much with all my blogs that I hope one day I can make it right with him. Thankyou Cman.
Ya'll take care.


Busy Day  

Today was super busy. First, the only store in our town of 20 people was short handed and needed some to work for 3 hrs, soooo...they called me and asked if I would take me baby and work those 3 hrs. Because I am so nice I said yes, but it wasn't easy. I was tired after 3 measley hours. Then, we went to a friends house to try to trade for a miniature horse. No we didn't get it done. They were too high. Finally, I had to come home clean, feed the boys, put the baby to bed, and feed dogs, cats, and horses....whew!!! What a day. I know it's not as exciting as what city folks may do but that's part of being a cowboy's wife:)
Now I am going to read a magazine, relax a bit, and then order my new laptop!!!! WooHoo! Ya'll take now and have a goodern'.



Not much to report today.....my kids had taks testing today. I'm really sick of those tests. They really need to focus more on their everyday learning instead of studying all year for that test. That's it for today..be sure to check out my other blogs..I have everything from beauty to money making ideas.



Shop Till Ya Drop  

Today was a real exciting day. I drove 2 hrs to go shopping for groceries and household stuff. I shop for a month so I usually need a truck. Then, on the way home I forgot to get gas and was on the red light for about 30 miles..luckily, I made it to the one gas station inbetween...whew!
My husband is starting the "works" tomorrow. For you city folk, that's where you gather cows, brand calves, etc. The kids go back to school so me and my youngest will think of more ways to earn money.
Not much else to talk about today..too tired. Tomorrow I'll post a few ideas on how to earn some money on the side. Have a goodern'


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