A New Week  

Well, this weekend was pretty plain. Nothing exciting happened, that's for sure!
I worked on several things this weekend to put in my blogs. I'll be updating all of them throughout the day today. If any of you are on the lookout for a notebook, be sure to check out the links I have on My Savvy Electronics blog. You won't find a cheaper Dell with those configurations that are being offered. I just bought one myself. I can't wait to get it. Although, I don't know how that Windows Vista is going to be.
We have a really neat plant outside. It's called a Century Plant..or Maguey in Spanish. It has a life span of about 25 yrs, it blooms, and then it dies. Well, ours is going to bloom so I guess it will die after that, but a new is supposed to be growing to take it's place. I included a picture for those of you who are interested. Everyone have a great week!!

What next?

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