Busy Day  

Today was super busy. First, the only store in our town of 20 people was short handed and needed some to work for 3 hrs, soooo...they called me and asked if I would take me baby and work those 3 hrs. Because I am so nice I said yes, but it wasn't easy. I was tired after 3 measley hours. Then, we went to a friends house to try to trade for a miniature horse. No we didn't get it done. They were too high. Finally, I had to come home clean, feed the boys, put the baby to bed, and feed dogs, cats, and horses....whew!!! What a day. I know it's not as exciting as what city folks may do but that's part of being a cowboy's wife:)
Now I am going to read a magazine, relax a bit, and then order my new laptop!!!! WooHoo! Ya'll take now and have a goodern'.

What next?

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