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I love my 7mth old to death but I think I'm ready for a mini vacation. I would like him to visit his aunt for a weekend but he can't go until I see him crawl. You just can't miss a milestone like that.

I had my other kids at a young age and when you're that young all you want is for them to keep themselves entertained so you can do whatever it is you want. It's different having kids when you're older....I look at him and sometimes tears just come a rollin' because I love him sooo much and wonder why it took God so long to give me someone so special. I love every little facial expression he makes, the movements he does with his hands and feet, but most of all, the way he looks at me and just smiles because he knows I'm his mom.
All 3 boys of mine are the world to me..I can't imagine not ever having them.

I hope that no matter what your kids do, say, or act(especially the teenagers) that they know you love them...if it's hard to say out loud for some reason, then write it on a note..anything because they need to know and despite what you may think..they WANT to know.
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