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Rambling Roundup 7  

Lots to add this Friday. First, I received another award!! Thank you Christy (Writer's Reviews) for this awesome award! You can find the details and award code on Monday Morning Power. Now it's my turn to bestow this honorable award to others. Hmmm,.....

Betshopboy This guy is awesome! He is very complimenting and encouraging. In fact, he was the one that nominated me for the Top Female Blogger list:)

Skeet's Stuff The sweetest gal. She is so funny too:) She's always friendly to everyone and deserves much more than this award.

I know EVERYTHING - just ask my hubby Wonderful woman! Very generous and very kind:)

Pass it on folks!

Did you notice?......My back got scratched! Woohoo! Basically, you pay to be on the scratchback board. All you have to do is tip a $1 and you get on the board. While it is no follow, you will still benefit from the traffic I received. We all want some traffic right? Anyways, once all spots are filled and someone else comes along that wants on there, the first person will get "bumped" off. Get it? So if you want a way to be seen, all you have to do is scratch my back, and then I'll scratch yours:)

It looks like Google decide to slap some people around. @#$holes! Many people were affected by it and it's sad to say the least.

If you haven't joined my community, please do. I would love to have some new members and I'm trying to win a contest;)

I guess that's it for now. I might not blog too much this weekend. We have plans:) Ya'll have a goodun'.


El Vaquero Real is Released  

We were fortunate a enough to receive the book before it was out for sale so wegot to see what exactly was in the book. I thought I would share 2 or 3 pics with you that are in the book and if you want to buy it, it's for sale:) I took these pictures straight from the book so my quality is not too great..sorry 'bout that. Great gift for ranch folk. We like to decorate with these kinds of books that have people we know in them!

This is my man....

My man, head honcho, head honcho's son.

My man up front, head honcho in the background.

El Vaquero Real: The Original American Cowboy by John Dyer
Mr. Dyer took over 100 pictures that are just beautiful. If you want to see more pictures from John, head on over and check it out the rest of the Boracho pictures.


Changes that You May or May Not Like  

After much debate, I have decided to change this blog back to what I intended it to be in the first place, a blog about ranching, cowboys, cowgirls, family, ect. After getting caught up in the money hype, I realized I was becoming one of them. You know, those money making blogs. I'll still have my other blogs that do exactly that, but have decided to leave that kind of stuff where it belongs, so it will end on this blog (for the most part). I will monetize my blog with relevant ads that fall into the western/cowboy theme but that's about all.

Why some people won't like this-

There are going to be people that will dislike this decision for the simple fact of my lack of participation in certain things. This is a big risk on my part because I could lose some readership by not joining in on things that I normally do. For example: I will only be participating in 1 or 2 memes and they will involve photography....you know who you are.

My Apology-

I want to apologize to the people who might be dissappointed with this and perhaps even hurt by it. It's nothing personal at all, it's just that I want to get back to my roots and blog because I WANT to and not because I have to or because I feel bad about not joining in on something. Ya know what I mean? I'm sorry for drifting in another direction and turning this blog into something it's not.

I have made some wonderful friends and hope you will support this decision and continue to read my blog. Feel free to leave comments on any questions, thoughts, or opinions you may have about this.

Tuesday Toast Salute 11/13/07  

Leigh has added a theme to the Tuesday Toast. This week is Toast Your Hero. This works out perfectly because, aside from my mom, my hero is my Dad, Bobby. And today happens to be his birthday!!

It was me and my mom for years and then here comes along some guy who fell in love with my mother. I took it hard at first, felt like he was taking her away from me and I was very unkind to him on many occasions. He was never ugly to me though. No matter what I said or acted like, he was always kind. Of course, I regret my behavior towards him back then and I can only say I'm sorry. You always made me feel like I could DO something with myself and taught me so many things. You made me smart. I'm not saying I wasn't smart, I'm saying you went beyond the basics and gave me a hunger for knowledge. It's because of you, that I have this 'power' to achieve. Whether I do or not is irrelevant. It's the motivation you gave me and the simple fact that you have always been supportive not matter what. Giving that to me, allows me to pay it forward to my kids, or anyone for that matter. I owe so much to you and wish I could offer you more than these words. So here's to you! A toast to my hero.

Happy Birthday & I Love You

Your Daughter,


My Handsome Lil Cowpoke  

Well, today has been on the slow side so I thought I'd share a picture of my little man:) I decorate my house with cowboy hats and today, he got a hold of one them. He will be getting his own cowboy hat from his Uncle soon!! He's really gonna be a cutie then;) Truett is 14mths old and a mess--personality to boot and is quite the dancer. I sure do love this little cowboy.