Artistic Cowboys  

Today I thought I would share 2 of my favorite artists. Brian Asher and my son, Tyler.
Brian is your average cowboy with an amazing talent. He takes pictures of working cowboys while working himself and when you see one of his drawings up close, it looks just like the actual photograph. He has been featured in the Western Horseman, America's Horseman, and Southern Living.

All the drawings I have from him are framed but I took a picture to share with you. I hope you take a little time to check out his website and see his other work. Brian Asher
Brian drew this picture of my husband and a horse called "Jiggy".

My other favorite artistic cowboy is my son, Tyler(who is 13). He has drawn since he was a little ol' thing. He even had one his drawings put up in the art exhibit in El Paso this year. He draws just about everything right now, but he really likes to draw dragons and horses. He keeps almost all his drawings at school in his art folder but I found one his simple drawings here at the house.

I wish I had half the talent these cowboys have!!! Enjoy and take care ya'll!

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