Happy Mother's Day  

Today I am writing about my mother. I know she doesn't know this but she is an inspiration to me.

She had me young but worked hard to make sure she provided what I needed. Always unselfish, she put me first (like most mothers do) and even though I took it for granted then, I am extremely grateful now. I'm sorry it took until becoming an adult before realizing what she did for me, but I know now and love her for it.

It's very hard to survive abusive behavior from people you love but it's even harder to escape the situation. To experience that kind of abuse on a daily basis sometimes just makes you think it's just the way it is and it's not gonna change.......IT CAN CHANGE and it did change. She withdrew herself from that situation and was able to overcome the physical and mental scars that were dealt to her for years. I don't think she realizes that it takes a strong woman to get away from a situation like that and start fresh. To love again and find someone who loves her for who she is, is an amazing thing. That inspires me and I love her for it.

My inspiration is my mother. She's strong, smart, and loves me for me.

I know you would do anything for me because you always have...

What next?

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