Western Heritage  

Hey everybody!! What's been going on with ya'll?? Well, we just back from out of town a little while ago. It was some great fun! I got to shop til I dropped:)
The rodeo was fun. It was hot and then it rained all day Saturday so that put a slight damper on things.
The ranches all did well. My brother-in-law's ranch..(the Spade Ranch) won 1st place and a spot at the World Finals in Amarillo, TX..WOOHOO! They did great and the win was deserving. In second place was the Pitchfork Ranch. We have a really good friend who is the wagon boss at the Pitchforks...he rode the bronc both nights and I happen to take one of his 8 second rides so you all could see it.

What next?

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  • roundouts
    May 18, 2007 at 5:53 AM  

    Hey cowboytf, your site is looking great as always. one tip-when posting with digg you should use the permalink in the URL so it goes strait to the post you want them to read:) Just thought I would share.
    ps: just out of curiosity, what template are you using to have sidebars on both sides?