Sorry for not updating...I am sick with some kind of sinus infection. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.
My nephew graduated!!..WOOHOO!. I remember when I first came into this family he was only 4 yrs old. He had a little gun and was gonna go huntin'. Too cute.
Now he's a man and off on his own. He's a cowboy just like his daddy and has already been offered a job on a well-known ranch.
I tried to think of some great advice to say but really couldn't think of anything. So I told him that no matter what what he does...Don't Drink and Drive! Even he had to sleep in his truck, on the ground, or whatever. IF he knows he's drank too many don't get behind the wheel and don't go with anyone who is drunk.

Well, that's about it for now. For the ladies who like Avon..they are having some great sales. Avon's TOP 10 Best Sellers

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