And Let the Shopping Begin!  

Oh goodness, is it that time again? Time to shop til we drop. I personally dread the crowded stores and plan to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year. And have you ever been to those Black Friday sales in town. Holy cow! People become crazy in an instant. I plan to check out black-friday.net this year in hopes to avoid the overcrowding mob. I would much rather shop at home while lying around in my pj's. There are many gifts to get this year and I love giving. I'm sure I'll be searching for some Harbor Freight deals for my husband. My husband gets many of his supplies and tools there for his spur making. They always have specials and online sales happening. The kids will be easy this year. My oldest wants cowboy gear like leggin's and would love a new pair of spurs. My middle son would love anything. He's not picky at all! My little guy will be getting spoiled this year. What? I can if I want to! I plan on getting him a recliner, horses and trucks, maybe a jungle gym, a new little rope, and who knows what else. I can get all this stuff online and you can bet that's how I'll get it too. What are you guys planning to do and buy this year? Are you going to enjoy your shopping experience while in the comfort of your own home or are you going to face the psycho crowd?

What next?

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  • Karin
    November 3, 2007 at 9:09 AM  

    I'm with you! Just the thought of facing the mad shoppers makes me want to crawl under a rock!I love everything about the holidays except this one! Ick! Ick! Ick!

    I will be doing the majority of my shopping at the WRCA next week. One stop shopping at your finger tips. Anything that can't be purchased there can be found online.

    My husband LOVES ice cream.The kids were trying to come up with something fun for him one Christmas so we googled "Cowboy Ice Cream Bowl" for fun. Who knew that one actually existed?! Granted, it's the size of a vegetable bowl, but hey ~ he loves it!