Tuesday Toast Salute 11/13/07  

Leigh has added a theme to the Tuesday Toast. This week is Toast Your Hero. This works out perfectly because, aside from my mom, my hero is my Dad, Bobby. And today happens to be his birthday!!

It was me and my mom for years and then here comes along some guy who fell in love with my mother. I took it hard at first, felt like he was taking her away from me and I was very unkind to him on many occasions. He was never ugly to me though. No matter what I said or acted like, he was always kind. Of course, I regret my behavior towards him back then and I can only say I'm sorry. You always made me feel like I could DO something with myself and taught me so many things. You made me smart. I'm not saying I wasn't smart, I'm saying you went beyond the basics and gave me a hunger for knowledge. It's because of you, that I have this 'power' to achieve. Whether I do or not is irrelevant. It's the motivation you gave me and the simple fact that you have always been supportive not matter what. Giving that to me, allows me to pay it forward to my kids, or anyone for that matter. I owe so much to you and wish I could offer you more than these words. So here's to you! A toast to my hero.

Happy Birthday & I Love You

Your Daughter,

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