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There a new site in town and if you are need of some new shower curtains, then you might want to check it out! I would love to have a new one in bathroom. Of course my bathroom is a western theme but I would love to change it up a bit. What I really need is a new shower curtain liner. Mine is yuck! I try to clean it but you know how that goes. Anyways, they also have some aprons. I think it would be a neat idea to give your little chef in the family their very own kid apron along with some cooking gadgets. Ding, ding! Christmas idea there people and to put icing on the cake, there is FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the good ol' USA. Like I said, this site is just starting out and with a little customer love, will be off the ground in no time! Head on over, browse around, and take advantage of that free shipping.

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