Thursday Thirteen - 13 Tax Deductions  

With all the money I'm making from Payperpost, I will sure enough need to find some tax deductions. After checking out what can and cannot be counted, I picked some that I will be using.

  1. Internet Bill--Ours is through Wildblue which means mega bucks a month.
  2. Hosting Fees--Yep, I'm paid for a year but you can bet that will be added on!
  3. Domain Fees--Yep, I've got 5 or 6 so far;) That quickly adds up.
  4. Office Supplies--I LOVE office supplies but they can get quite costly.
  5. Templete/Theme/Logo Fees--Did some things here and there.
  6. Advertising--I did some advertising too. That really paid off!
  7. Paid Submission--I submitted my site to a few places that I had to pay for so you can bet I will count it in.
  8. Coaching--I needed some advice from the high rollers:)
  9. Business cards--I haven't done it yet but it's in the plans.
  10. Camera & acc.--I use my camera nonstop for my blogging. The memory card, batteries, etc will be a great deduction.
  11. TAX software--Yes, you can deduct this too. I do my online every year so I qualify for this.
  12. Images--I have quite a few images, including my cowgirl you see in the header. These are deductible as well.
  13. Blogging software--This can be photoshop or web form builders. Lots can go under this that would qualify.

Yes, I threw in a couple of affiliate links:) Christmas is coming afterall!

What next?

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