Who Needs Bartending School!  

Wouldn't it be cool of you could play Tom Cruise and mixed drinks at home while learning at the same time?! Well, you can over at Absolut Drinks. Yes, they are virtual drinks but what I thought was really neat, is that you actually learn about how different drinks are made. If you click on Ingredients at the top of the page, you will see the basics from which a drink is made. I did not know this and learned a thing or two! You start by picking your glass and it will then give you a hint of sorts about what kind of drinks go good in those glasses. Then, you pick your ice (if you want ice). Again, it tells you some more hints on what goes good with the ice that you picked or didn't pick. See my screenshot below.

Do you see steps 1 through 7? Complete those and finalize your drink. At this point, you actually get to name your drink, which I thought was very cool! You can browse at some of the drinks made and see what they are made of. In fact, you will be able to rate them and print the recipe. You will also find recommended drinks for certain occasions and a few tips along the way too. Overall, I think it's a fun site, as well as, educational. Remember, you MUST be 21 and your age will be checked.

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