Custom Domain in Effect!  

Did any of you notice my brand new custom domain?? I decided to do this change for a couple of reasons. Mainly, due to a little more R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Advertisers are more likely to approach if your blog is on it's own domain, as well, having a wee bit more professional look.(coming soon:)

If you go to http://www.acowboyswife.com/, you'll end up here. If you go to http://acowboyswife.com/, you'll still end up here. And finally, if you go to http://acowboyswife.blogspot.com/, you'll end up here too! Pretty cool, huh!

I will eventually be moving this entire blog on it's own host along with my others but for now, it's staying put! So, if any of you that are linked to me find the extra time to change my link to one of the first url(www.acowboyswife.com), it would be greatly appreciated.

What next?

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