Stephen King with The Mist  

I absolutely love scary movies! It looks like there's a new one coming out in theaters November 21 called The Mist by Stephen King. It is Rated R so please be advised that it is probably not for the younger children.

I love his books and the movies are just as spooky. I just finished the trailer and let me tell you, it looks like something that will make me jump! There is one particular part where they are just staring at the fog and then WHAM, something scares the living daylights out of them and me. There was another part that made me think there is much more to the story. A woman who was saying something about them being meant to shed their blood. It makes you wonder if she is trying to turn everyone against each other so they don't unite to stand against what ever it is out there in the mist. Sounds like a first class thriller doesn't it?

I've seen every movie based on Stephen King novels so I know this one will be just as good, or perhaps even better! I'm telling you this is not one to miss. Remember, it's out this Nov. 21. Get that babysitter and go enjoy the movie!

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