Thursday Thirteen - 13 Changes with This Blog  

I really couldn't think of much to write about this week so bare with me on my crappy TT list.
These are 13 changes that will be happening to this blog.

  1. A brand new custom design!
  2. Faster loading time!
  3. Less widgets
  4. More posting!
  5. Sticking to a schedule. (directed towards memes, etc.)
  6. More western monetization going on.
  7. More contests or giveaways!
  8. Less rambling and more focused posts.
  9. Newsletter:)
  10. More photography, after all, it is my passion:)
  11. A post devoted to a certain topic every day of the week continued every week.
  12. More subscribers cause the page will load faster;)
  13. Commenter giveaway:)

What do you think? Do these sound good?

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What next?

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