El Vaquero Real is Released  

We were fortunate a enough to receive the book before it was out for sale so wegot to see what exactly was in the book. I thought I would share 2 or 3 pics with you that are in the book and if you want to buy it, it's for sale:) I took these pictures straight from the book so my quality is not too great..sorry 'bout that. Great gift for ranch folk. We like to decorate with these kinds of books that have people we know in them!

This is my man....

My man, head honcho, head honcho's son.

My man up front, head honcho in the background.

El Vaquero Real: The Original American Cowboy by John Dyer
Mr. Dyer took over 100 pictures that are just beautiful. If you want to see more pictures from John, head on over and check it out the rest of the Boracho pictures.

What next?

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