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This blog is mostly for fun but I have many other blogs that are focused to bring in money. Today, I thought I would share a few of the ways I earn money on the side. Now I don't make as much as some bloggers but I make enough to keep me from having to ask my husband for money;) I participate in ALL the programs I will be mentioning.

Paid to "Click"~This can include paid to read, surf, click, and blog.

And my personal favorite

Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings are basically the same thing. You get a $5 sign up bonus with Inbox and a $3 with Send earnings. Here you get paid to read emails, search, shop, play games, & complete offers. I believe the payout is $25 and it's pretty easy to make that.

Agloco is where you get paid to surf. You install the viewbar and do your searches within there. The big money here it to get as many people to sign up under as you can.

Hits4Pay is where you get paid to read. It actually has a timer and lets you know when you can go to the next advertisement.

MyCreditCardCash...here you get paid to "give away" credit cards. They give you a credit card website and you have to get people to sign up. You will get paid when people apply for and are approved for a credit card. Here is my site so you can see what it will look like. Apply for a Credit Card here!

My favorite, PPP~PayPerPost. You get paid to "blog" about whatever. Basically, you get paid to do reviews, create buzz for a company and/or product, etc. They also have an awesome referral program! This is my BIGGEST income earner right now.

You can get more detailed information from the company itself or at my work at home & Be Your Own Boss blog. It's a new blog but it has details on all the above.

I also make money through affiliates programs but this is a whole other subject to get into so I'll just leave it to this.....you can learn more about affiliate programs at my other money making site B Money Savvy. Just click here to work at home with affiliates and it will display the relevant info.

Hope all this helps any of you who want some extra income.

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