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Lately, our dog has been having seizures. I didn't know why or what I could do for him until I came across Pet Health Wiki. I put "dog seizures" in the search box and within seconds some great articles came up. After reading a bit, I narrowed down the problem my dog might be having.......a vitamin deficiency! Apparently, it's common for dogs to have seizures when they are low on calcium. Just recently, my dog was having a worm problem. Worming him was working but not completely. I just looked for a solution to this problem and found that there are some great home remedies that I can do. I will be giving these a shot this weekend!

This website is packed full of information & resources. If you have a problem with your pet, you can search for a solution. Or maybe, you found some information that is provided to be true but could add your own knowledge to the article. You can also contribute to Pet Health Wiki by creating an article on a pet-health issue that you may have some insight on. It's a great place to find solutions for your pet's ailments or contribute your own knowledge, so others can take better care of their pets.

I care a great deal for animals and find this site to be a valuable resource. Please take a look if any of your pets are having ailments. If you happen to be educated in the pet health field, then please contribute.

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