.....to buy their NEW Double Disc Police CD. I grew up myself with the classic Roxanne but enjoyed many others like Message in a Bottle and, of course, Don't Stand So Close to Me. I actually only grew to like them through my mom. She REALLY loves them. They have been around forever but yet are still adored today! They are a 3-pc rock band that have been globaly popular since the 1980's.

This CD has already been released and is super popular. When you go throught the list, you will see that the songs listed are the most popular and some are songs that were released in the UK only; which is a special treat.

The Police CD features 30 songs and comes with a vintage The Police poster....how cool is that! Check out these songs to see if any ring a bell. Also, be sure to scroll down and check out the commercial of The Police that currently airs only in the UK. It's very exciting to see if you are a fan because you can't see it anywhere else.

Disc One (15 tracks / 56 minutes)

1 Fall Out (1977)
2 Can't Stand Losing You (1978)
3 Next To You (1978)
4 Roxanne (1978)
5 Truth Hits Everybody (1978)
6 Hole In My Life (1978)
7 So Lonely (1978)
8 Message In a Bottle (1979)
9 Reggatta De Blanc (1979)
10 Bring On The Night (1979)
11 Walking On The Moon (1979)
12 The Bed's Too Big Without You (1979) (UK only)
13 Don't Stand So Close To Me (1980)
14 Driven To Tears (1980)
15 Canary In A Coalmine (1980)

Disc Two (15 tracks / 64 minutes)

1 Do Do Do Do De Da Da Da (1980)
2 Voices Inside My Head (1980)
3 Invisible Sun (1981)
4 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (1981)
5 Spirits In The Material World (1981)
6 Demolition Man (1981)
7 Rehumanize Yourself (1981) (UK only)
8 Every Breath You Take (1983)
9 Synchronicity I (1983)
10 Wrapped Around Your Finger (1983)
11 Walking In Your Footsteps (1983)
12 Synchronicity II (1983)
13 King Of Pain 4.59 (1983)
14 Murder By Numbers (1983)
15 Tea In The Sahara (1983)

GET YOUR Police CD TODAY!! You'll be in for a great treat with all the hits on 2 cd's.

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