Travel To Carlsbad Caverns  

If you haven't already been to Carlsbad, you should go. It is a beautiful place in New Mexico, but be prepared to walk and have a jacket. And if you're really active, they even have tunnels you can crawl your way through. My boys got to go and they had a lot of fun. They said the caves were amazing but were cold. It stays a constant 50 -60' in there. They have so many other sites you can see including the adobe villiage. These adobes are not occupied, however, there are some that people do live in that look exactly like these.

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  • Zhu
    June 8, 2007 at 10:07 PM  

    Never heard to it.... Damn I miss traveling !

    Eh, I'm seeing the new dropdown box in your sidebar - nice ! ;)