How I Book My Hotels  

Traveling as much as we do, I am always on the lookout for Cheap Hotels. HotelReservations.com is where I went to book our hotel for Monday. We are going to Houston and will be stopping half way.

When I first came upon the site, I found it to be a little "busy" but realized how quick I could find what I was looking for. I typed in where & when and MANY choices were provided. As a bonus, if I paid upfront, I could get even lower discounts. I made my reservation with ease and no problems.
I also noticed many bonus offers like $30 gas rebate when you book a 2-night stay. I mean come on...you can't beat that!

The rates are competitive...I know this because I checked elsewhere and found HotelReservations.com to be a bit cheaper. While I was booking my hotel, I thought I would browse their site a little more. They offer vacation packages, rentals, flights, & more. I went under vacation rental and pretended I wanted to go to Cancun, Mexico. Now I don't know much about traveling out of the U.S. but I thought the prices were very good with some of them offering a free night stay by booking 5 nights.
I couldn't believe how many discounts you could get for the different categories. I think the hardest part of placing a reservation is figuring out which discount to take!

If you are not comfortable with making a reservation online or just have questions, then you can call their #800.

Finally, I know there are other places to make reservations but they always seem to have the same places and prices. I have found that if you are looking for cheap hotels. with lots of EXTRA offers & discounts, then you should give HotelReservations.com a try.

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