MyBlogLog Community Exchange~~Increase Traffic & Gain Friends  

I just recently joined MyBlogLog. The community, which has helped me build my circle of friends and readers, is one of the coolest networks in the blogging world! An Exchange has been developed to further expand our respective circle of friends, increase blog traffic, and improve rankings.
Host this MyBlogLog Community Exchange and bring in more readers and backlinks. Most important, visit the blogs of the communities you have joined and participate in the discussions through comments.

1. Join all of the MyBlogLog communities on the list below.
2. Copy the list and paste in on a new post on your blog.
3. Write a brief paragraph above the list to explain the game.
4. Add 2 or 3 more MyBlogLog communities to the list and publish the post.
5. To be added to this list, leave a comment below, including the URL of your post.

The MyBlogLog Community Exchange List:

A Cowboy's Wife Join MyBlogLog
Ageless Beauty Join MyBlogLog
Affiliate Programs Join MyBlogLog
AnitoKid JoinMyBlogLog
BetShopBoy Join MyBlogLog

This is going to be an interesting train ride! Hop on board! Increase traffic while discovering new blogs! We all need some link love.

What next?

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1 Neighs & Snorts: to “ MyBlogLog Community Exchange~~Increase Traffic & Gain Friends

  • Shinade
    June 26, 2007 at 7:10 AM  

    hey girlfriend I ain't on your list...it must be because I am now a Sooner. LOL..... I would love to have link exchange though. The Painted Veil is at MyBlogLog http://shinade.blogspot.com I am lonely being left out...just razzin you. Now do you actually live in Houston full or part time? You talk about getting to go back and also about travel. You're not 1 of those snowbirds are you? It's really lovely to see your site and your community growing so quickly.