My Review of Spyder Paintball  

Ultimate Paintball is your resource for paintball enthusiasts, as well as, beginners.
For the ultimate experience, the Spyder VS3 is the way to go! It comes in several colors with lots of accessories.
If you think you aren't quite ready for the Spyder VS3, then you might want to try the Spyder Pilot

They offer top name brands with Spyder paintball guns being just one of them. They also offer safety gear, upgrades, accessories, maintenance supplies, plus much more!

Ultimate Paintball is easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for and free shipping is applied on orders of $200 or more!! Just type in Spyder paintball (or whatever you're in to) and BAM, all relevant information is provided. SUPER EASY!

Their employees not only work and sell paintball gear; they also play paintball. That tells me, that they know the products and will be able to provide you with the utmost customer service should you have any questions.

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