Go Go Gadget Girl  

I am such a geeky girl! Today I came across a new blog about cool gadgets. I'm here to create some buzz because despite being a new blog, there are some great articles on many different kinds of gadgets. If you're a "techi", then I think you'll really enjoy reading her posts. I personally enjoyed her post on big gadgets for big jobs. My husband is a spurmaker and he dreams of owning a plasma cutter. Anyhow, I found the posts to be organized and informative. Her categories consist of everything from beauty gadgets to geeky freebies. I hope you check Gadget Girl Accessories out and maybe even consider linking up with her.

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  • Retta
    July 22, 2007 at 6:39 PM  

    thank for the kind words and review of my site :) so many gadgets to talk about and so little time to blog!