Superbad is GOOD  

I am a huge fan of comedies and really looking forward to seeing the new one called Superbad. I just finished watching some clips and was laughing with my husband. I have to say that Fogel is my pick of the movie out of the clips I have watched. He cracks me up with his whole gangsta persona. If you don't know what all the hype is about with this movie, then you need to check out YouTube for the 5 official Superbad videos. The great thing about YouTube is that you can see all kinds of videos to upcoming movie releases. You can get a good sense of whether the movie will be good or bad. This movie is Rated R and not intended for kids but is great for us adults. The makers of this movie also did 40 Year Old Virgin, which I thought was hilarious. If you really want to get into the movie you can download ringtones, wallpaper, and buddy icons that all pertain to the movie Superbad.

You really need to head over to YouTube and watch the 5 Superbad videos. If it can make my husband and me laugh just from watching one clip, then I know you are going to think it's that funny too.

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