How Well Do You Know the Stock Market?  

I know absolutely nothing but I have always wanted to learn. I have a few family members and several friends who invest and I would love to join in the venture. When I came across the opportunity to participate in a rookie challenge where you invest with virtual money, I couldn't pass it up. You actually get to trade stocks with real companies using your "play" money, but even better, is that you could win a weekly prize of $1000.

New ROOKIES start off with $100,000.00 to invest. You are free to invest it however you wish. To keep the system simple, the only transaction options are buying and selling. Data for the simulator is based on a 15-20min delay on market data. Our operational times are the same as the real markets so orders will be processed Mondays through Fridays, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I think this is an awesome way to educate people who are interested in the Stock Market. I'm sure many of you are unsure about it and have, like me, wanted to trade stocks and such. Here's your chance to see how well you would do if you were doing this in "real" life. It's completely free to register and participate and the signup only took me 2 minutes! Even if you don't succeed, I'm sure you will have come out of it with new-found knowledge.

If you are an advanced investor, then this would be a great chance for you to brush up on your skills and see what new strategies you can apply. It really is for everyone and why not try to learn something that could make you money.
I'm off to see what trades I can make.

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