The Saturday Special 9/8/07  

Here's a brief recap of the week:

Lots of contests went on in August..I won $20 from Cman's contest and Jay as a slave over at Online Opportunity. I also won Skeet's Tuesday's Teaser which gave me a backlink and review! You can play along every Tuesday.

My husband shared a special moment with our son and the jackass of the month has already been found.

Blogging with Cents is up and running. Lots of tweaking to do but I really like it.

Check out Shannon's post called Sgt Lovejoy Charged in Death of Partner

Some more to check out from fellow bloggers:
Red River Dam Killer
Queen's Sojourn

Intro to articles on Kazakhstan
Manners/Etiquette In Kazakhstan
Alcohol and Driving ..... In Kazakhstan
More On Driving In Kazakhstan

Have a great weekend!

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