Jackass Stunts to Get Traffic  

Being part MEXICAN, part WHITE, and part INDIAN leaves me wide open to all kinds of "racial like" remarks but none of it bothers me.....But, when you have some jackass that tries to bring the race card up over something that is COMPLETELY harmless, it really chaps my hide.

I strongly believe that the people who bring the race card into situations are, themselves, racist. It's people like him, who keep the racial issue going, that make me sick.

Some people will do anything for linkbait, even if it means putting your integrity on the line , which he obviously does not possess!
And if your concern for Native Americans is so strong, then please tell us what you have contributed to that particular race? Or any other race for that matter...I mean, besides being a jackass.

I wasn't even going to include his link but since the anchor text was appropriately fitting, I went against my better judgement.

Bloggerista wrote a really good response to it so please go read it and digg it!
The paid post debate goes from personal to nasty

Hmmm..I think I should add him to my Idiotville list!

By the way, Happy Birthday to Phil and thank you for bringing the contests to us, so WE don't have to go looking for THEM.

What next?

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