Thursday Thirteen--My Money Makers  

If you're not participating in TT, then you're missing out on a fun meme and the chance to meet new friends.
I appreciate the nice comments on last week's TT slideshow I did!! You are all very kind:)
This week is going to be SUPER cheesy! As some of you may or may not know, I do blog for money. This week, I thought I would compile a list of 13 money makers that I use. Yep, call it cheap advertising...I don't mind. They will be linked with my affiliate link. I don't want you to think I'm trying to pull one over on you;)
With that said..............
  1. PPP (PayPerPost)--Get paid to blog! One of my favs and better money makers.
  2. Smorty's --Get paid to blog! Super easy:)
  3. LinkWorth --Get paid to blog, link, and more!
  4. MyCreditCardCash --Get paid to promote credit cards. You can check out the MyCreditCardCash Review I did to learn more.
  5. AuctionAds --Display relevant auction ads on your site. I've done very well with them.
  6. Linkshare --Affiliate program
  7. Traffic Payouts --Affiliate program
  8. ROI Rocket --Affiliate program
  9. TLA --Text Link Ads...I do decent with them but I've made more with Linkworth.
  10. Inbox Dollars --Featured on Good Morning America. Get paid to do offers, read emails, play games, and more.
  11. ReadersPaid --Get paid to program. Lots of bonus offers and ways to make extra money.
  12. ClickBank --Another affiliate program
  13. Bidvertiser --Like AuctionAds but you can also advertise with them. Sign up and get $20 in free quality clicks.

As you can see, most of my money comes from various affiliate programs. I could have listed all the different ones I use inside those main affiliates but I thought I would be more general so you could pick what products suit you best. PPP is another big earner for me. LOVE IT and the people!

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