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Here lately, people have been complaining about the page load time. I have seriously been considering giving my blog a complete makeover. I love my cutesy theme but maybe it's time to grow up, what do you think?

I've been looking around for different themes to get ideas but none have caught my eye. They are all to plain to me. Pagefetti has some neat things you can do with to "pimp" your blog up but I don't think they suit me too well but I did like some of the glitter graphics and the layouts were really cool.

There is so much work involved when you change up your whole theme. You have to reapply scripts and codes and I hate doing that kind of stuff. Then you have to change the color on whatever widgets you have to match your new template. I guess I need to really sit down and figure the pros and cons of making over my blog. If page loading time is a problem though, I do want to fix it. I want my readers to visit my site with no problems.

If you have any tips, advice, or opinions about me redesigning "A Cowboy's Wife", then please feel free to share! Obviously it would need to stay within the western type theme but let me know what you think.

What next?

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1 Neighs & Snorts: to “ Pimp Your Blog

  • Zhu
    September 14, 2007 at 12:03 AM  

    My best advice ? Close blogger and move to Wordpress. I just did it and I love it.

    Themes are more flexible, more personal etc. More profesionnal too.

    Okay, it's a bit of a headache at first. I've been working on my new blog for a week now (I don't even want to give you the URL yet, it's quite messy for now !) but it's rewarding. ;)

    BTW... sorry for not coming over more often lately, I read you on my feed but I'm quite busy moving to Wordpress. I'll be here more often very soon ;)