Stop the Abuse of Horses  

Many people dream of owning a horse but due to the lack of knowledge and experience they have, horses will suffer. Horse abuse comes in different forms, but one of the most common form I see is starvation.

Horses malnourishment is due to several reasons. Many times the owners fail to properly feed the horses during the winter or during drought. The horses lose weight every winter and then regain the weight in the summer. This is a very common scenario brought on by owners who DO know better, but who choose not to properly feed for one reason - MONEY.

Another common reason is pure laziness. Owners or caretakers, "forgot to feed last night" or " I was busy and was only able to feed them once yesterday". Repeated enough times and the result is a starved horse. Because of people's ignorance, horses suffer for a long time with death waiting around the corner.

If you see a malnourished horse, contact your local authorities or animal control.
This post was written in support of the Bloggers uniting and trying to "Stop the Abuse".

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  • CyberCelt
    September 27, 2007 at 11:25 PM  

    Oh, boy, this is a touchy subject for me and my husband. There were some people up the street that kept horses in a little yard. They never got exercised and when it rained, the entire yard was under water.

    I called the animal shelter and they did not really want to do anything so I called the sheriff and happened to get a horse lover on the phone. Those horses were gone the next day.

    There are some really nice ranchers around here that have adopted the wild mustangs and mules off public lands. They took care of the health issues, fattened them up and found them good homes.