Killing a Few Birds with One Stone  

There are a few contests that I want to enter in so I thought I would do it all in one post.

Aristology and Stripping..I could go online to see what that means but I'm too lazy. If you want to take a guess at his new contest, too bad, you can't. FAKE. Anyways, my guess is Bobby Flay. And if you blog for money, you might be interested in Profitable Affiliate Marketing.
Who likes Teddy Bears???...ooooo, I do, I do! Check out Fickle Food for your chance to win won a Mohair Bear! I would love to win it and give it to my new soon-to-be niece!! My entry: I hate when I tell me kids AND husband to get me something and they come back with "I can't find it or where?"...Do they even look for cryin' out loud??!! I guess they just can't seem to understand that sometimes, you have to move the pillow or toy in order to FIND something...arrrggghhh;)
I'm new to Nanashi-Inc's blog but have "seen" her around because she is a fellow PPPeer. I've read some of her articles and she's seems like a cool person. If you don't like potty mouths, then don't go to her site. She has one and she's not afraid to use it;) and I can totally relate to her anti-social thinking. Right now, she's having a Fifty for the Fall contest giveaway. Get yourself entered and check out her dark and mystical world!
Now to my girl Leigh from External Flux. She's awesome what can I say. She sells Marykay which I was lucky enough to get samples from:) She is also a witch. What kind? A pagan I believe, you'll have to visit her blog and maybe you'll find out more. I will tell you this though...if you are judgemental or don't have anything nice to say because of her beliefs, then stay the hell away from her. She is warm, funny, and caring and I think she's great. AND, if you go say something ugly to her, I will kick your ass!
She participates in the Wednesday Hero the words that come from her are inspiring and beautiful. She loves to read Stephen King..I like to read too but rarely get the chance:( Anyways, go check her out and enter the contest!
Bloggrrl is having a September's Shots contest that I can't believe I am entering. Holy Cow..I can't believe I'm gonna do this....Hey Bloggrrl..I really don't drink much because I usually have to drive my drunk ass husband home or I have the kids around and they hate it to see me with a beer. All I had was this Strawberry Hill and it's been in the fridge since, hmmmmm, I don't know when:/ Anyways, here it goes...AND, I'm not wearing makeup, it's 11:30pm, and I look like crap..oh my gosh..what the hec was I thinkin'???? I'm apologizing in advance to my mother!!!! (mom, this is part of the contest:) Here's my dumb drunk quickie. We had been to a rodeo and the dance and then the bar...after downing about 10 different shots, including my fav-Tequilla, beer, and a few sex on the beach drinks, I passed out next to the trash can at Motel 6. My poor husband had to come back downstairs (he thought I was following behind him) only to find me passed out in the fetal position next to the dumpster! Geez, the things you do when you're young. Thank God for 2 tablespoons of honey though!!

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