Spoiled Little Brats  

The title reflects how I feel when I see kids GIVEN everything to them without any inclination of how to EARN something,--Or when kids think they're too good for the waterhose after playing outside, and Dasani bottled water is their only means of hydration. Oh wait! Did I just say playing outside??...LMAO...What the hec was I thinking?--Kids don't play outside these days, do they? Of course they don't, not when they have Xbox, laptops, and TV.

I think today's kids are spoiled, pampered and couldn't survive a day of our childhood. Kids want, want, want and don't even know what earn means. Consequences to their actions are minimal and they are practically baby fed.

Who's to blame?

  • Parents

I believe the parents are to blame 100%. Yes, there are other factors involved but it all comes down to the parents.

Example: You're tired of hearing your kid whine about that toy they want so bad while your shopping in Wal-mart.

What do you do?--- You buy it to shut them up.

What should you do?---

  1. You could take them to the bathroom and whip their ass.

  2. Or, you could leave your basket right there and walk your child out of the store and head home.

Now obviously, everyone doesn't agree with spanking so I'll focus on #2.

I have applied #2 with my children and it works wonders. Unfortunately, you won't see too many parents do this. Why? Because they are lazy. They would rather give in to the child's desires than leave the store, go home, and then have to go back again later to finish shopping. If you do this a couple of times though, your child will see that you are going to follow through by leaving and the begging for stuff will stop. I actually picked this idea up from my father-in-law and it works wonders.

Parents would rather find the easy way out then put in the work that is required in raising a child. TV is a fine example of this. First of all, look at what's on TV--mostly crap, so why in the world would you want your kid to sit their watching it? Again, because parents are lazy. They have things they want to do and what could be easier than plopping your little one in front of the television!

Parents are the ones who let their daughters wear whatever they want, even if means having 'hottie' written across their butt, on shorts, that show a little cheek. Parents are the ones who make Christmas look like they've won the lottery. I mean, come on, does your child really need 50 gifts? How about 3 or 4 good ones and make the earn other things they want by working. If you can't afford both Senior pictures and cheerleading camp, then have your child choose between the two. Don't give them both. There's no need to go into debt just because she will cry and be disappointed and hate you forever. She'll get over it. It will teach her in the long run to be grateful for what she has. If you're going to GIVE your kids a cellphone, make them pay the bill. Take their 'precious' belongings away from them when they complain after you have just asked them to do something. Parents need to lay down the law, quit being lazy and follow through. You need to be parents first, friends second. Make your kids earn that cellphone, laptop, Xbox, and yes--even money. Give them chores to do--have them volunteer at the homeless shelter or at the kids orphanage. Make them get a job and pay for everyday things they want. This will make them be more responsible, respectful, and appreciative.

What next?

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2 Neighs & Snorts: to “ Spoiled Little Brats

  • Gloria
    September 25, 2007 at 12:23 AM  

    Very true. Agreed. I'm just 22 and my younger brother is 18 now, but we've always managed to entertain ourselves when we were kids without all those fancy stuffs. We didn't get TV in our room, we didn't have our own computer (one computer in the study, our friends were horrified) and we didn't get our PlayStation til both my brother and I get to high school. Before that we filled our time with the neighbourhood kids building...uh, mud dams.

  • Lisa
    September 27, 2007 at 8:55 AM  

    A lot of this depends on age though. I have a 3 year old. We tried walking out of store. She didn't care. We ended up just not taking her out in public when we could help it for about a year. We are finally to the point that she is not a snot in the store.

    I have to agree that my kids are spoiled. But so is my husband. We have a playstation, because he wants one.

    And not all movies/tv are created equal. There are stations like Noggin that have great cartoons. There are also great movies the Leapfrog ones. My daughter is learning her letters and what sounds they make.

    Overall though you've got the right idea. :)