Self Portrait Sunday 9/23/07  

I'm sure most of you have noticed my absence here and I do apologize. I have been working soooo hard on my new blog that I had to devote less time to this one. I do apologize. I think the kinks are out of the way and now I can just post:)
BTW, Betshopboy nominated me for the Top 50 Female Bloggers list over at Enkay’s. **blushing** I am flattered. The list will expand and be re-ranked. Once that happens, I will fall down to the bottom because my blogs are still new and stats for my Blogging with Cents are low. Anyways, thanks again for the nomination.

Now to the portrait. I was in a crappy mood for the past 2 days. My little man has been the whiniest ever! This picure reflects my mood very well, of course, I could have put makeup on to make it look better but I thought you might like to see the full mad on. And the emmy for the most aggravated facial expression goes to.............
If you haven't participated in Self Portrait Sunday yet, then head on over and check it out!

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