Finally Better and New Food Meme  

I'm feeling much better today. Geez, I've had so much trouble with my sinuses these days!

We are finally gonna get some beef. We have been out for some time but my husband took our beef in yesterday to the Long X Ranch to be killed. I think he said they killed and hung 3 or 4 yesterday. Now they hang for about a week and then get cut up for us to eat:)...aren't you glad I don't have pictures of that!

New Four Foods on Friday Meme to participate in. This would be great if you have a food blog. I happen to be working on one for the future;)

1. How do you like your eggs cooked? Any special ingredients?
I prefer my eggs boiled with salt and paprika. Boring I know, but they sure are good.

2. What’s your favorite cold sandwich, made on two pieces of bread?
I love a good turkey sandwhich. I put 2 pieces of turkey with a slice of swiss cheese inbetween. It's layered with lettuce, tomato, black olives, and dijon.

3. What is your favorite pie?
I LOVE buttermilk pie! It is sooooooooo goood!

4. Name one food you refuse to eat and why.
I absolutely refuse to eat is fat! I hate when steak has pieces of fat on it. I cannot stand the texture and it makes me gag:(

5. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant, and is it small or part of a chain?
My favorite restaurant has to be Logan's Roadhouse. They have steaks, seafood, and some dang good biscuits. Throwing peanut shells on the floor is fun for the kids too! Big Chain.

What next?

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