Grandfather Clocks  

I've seen grandfather clocks around and have always wanted one. I remember visiting my granddad's house one time and seeing this beautiful clock. I have know idea what kind it was, I just know it was gorgeous. That's one of the problems I would have if I were to buy one, knowing which clock to buy. I did do a little browsing and found this Howard Miller clock that I really liked. It has a little more of a modern look to it but still holds the traditional look as well. Speaking of tradition, I think that is something that we lack these days and something as simple as a clock could bring that back. If I had one, I would place it in the corner of my living room, next to the cowboy leggings on my wall. What a nice mixture that would be! I do think it would look much nicer than the atomic clock we have hanging up on the wall right now. I also think traditional looking items give the a house a homey feeling. It would be neat to go back to my granddad's house and see what kind of clock he had. That may even encourage a conversation on how he acquired it. Who knows, there could be some cool story behind that clock.

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