Romance for Everyone  

If you've read any of my entries, you will remember two I wrote on keeping your man happy and keeping your woman happy. Why did I write these? I strongly believe that if a couple has a healthy and loving relationship with each other, then everything else will fall into place. In those posts, I mentioned a few things my husband has done that I would consider romantic.

  • He brings me wild flowers from the side of the road. I love this. He got this from me mentioning how my father-in-law used to do this for his mom. It doesn't cost anything for the flowers except a little time to stop and do it.
  • He wrote Happy Anniversary with lipstick on my mirror. SWEEEET! He did this before heading off to work because he knew he wouldn't be home til late. Yes, my lipstick was ruined but it was one of the sweetest things. Had he been there, he would have received a big ol' kiss from me.

Another really romantic thing to do, is to write a little love note that says something like I miss you or I love you and slip it into their pant pocket before they head off to work. I have done this, as well as, my sister-in-law. I think our husbands enjoy the little surprise more than they say.

My husband is not very affectionate in public but he does do one thing every so often that makes me want him. He holds my hand. I know, it doesn't sound all that romantic does it? But just him touching my hand like that makes me feel wanted. Hmmm, I wonder if he'll read this and do something special like take me out on a romantic date.

It's important to keep the fire lit between a husband and wife. All you need are a few romantic ideas and you'll be on your way.

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