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Do you know anything about the stock market? Well, if you're like me, you are completely out of the loop when it comes to that kind of stuff. You also probably would like to know more about it though, right? I talked about this awhile back but I am mentioning it again.

There is help for us newbies. MyWallSt.net is a place where you can learn and play. They actually give you the opportunity to trade and invest with virtual money. You also have a chance to win some real money. I think this is an awesome idea. To be able to spend play money while learning how to trade is just very cool. It also is a social of site of sorts. There are many people you can chit chat with or ask questions to something you may not be familiar with. It's like a little community where you can even rate different stocks. Having a community like that can be beneficial in helping you understand and reach your financial goals and ventures. I know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing, so having friendly advice would be useful and appreciative.

Being able to go online and check out stocks right then is also handy. Papers only come out once a day. Who has time to wait for tomorrow's paper on today's stocks, right? If there is a perfect opportunity to invest, you need to be able to jump right on it. Everything is available via Internet these days so why not trading in the stock market!

You really should give the Rookie challenge a go. It's easy to register and you gain knowledge about something that could potentially make you richer and it will be fun to see how good you'll be at picking the right stocks. Give it a try! And remember, there are people there to help you if you just ask.

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