Four Foods Meme 10/31/07  

It's time for the Four Food Meme again! I love this meme. Of course, being fatty, I love food! You haven't joined in the fun? What's the matta wit you?? Get over there:)

1. Do you like hot dogs, if so how do you eat yours? If not, why don’t you eat them?
YES! I learned how to make them from my mother. Tear off several sheets of foil. (big enough to wrap the hotdog) Boil your weiners and warm your chili up. Put your bun, weiner, chili, and slices of Velveeta cheese on top. Wrap them up loosely and put in the oven for just a few mintutes. HMMMM, GOOD!

2. What’s your favorite type of store bought cookie? (meaning mass produced, like Oreos.)
My absolute favorite are the Danish Wedding Cookies. Oh my gosh..I could eat the whole box if I wanted to:)

3. Is there a food where you live that is hard to get anywhere else?
Bueno green chilis. You get them in the freezer section and they come in a tub. I love them but they are hard to find around these parts.

4. Do you drink milk? Whole, 2%, no fat or other? Or, why don’t you drink milk?

Yes I do. Whole, because that is what we give our little guy. I really like chocolate milk but the kids automatically become hogs when it's in the house so I rarely get any.

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1 Neighs & Snorts: to “ Four Foods Meme 10/31/07

    October 31, 2007 at 1:52 PM  

    I love hotdogs! Love them with mustard and catsup! And onions too! Oh boy! Im craving for one right now! And I kid you not!