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Blogweluv is asking 10 questions to bloggers. I think these were some really good questions and have already submitted my answers. I thought I would post them here on my blog too. Here we go..

Describe your blog in five sentences or less.

My blog reflects my personality. Readers will see that my family takes priority and the pictures I post show the kind of life we live. I'm not afraid to state my strong opinions and my posts reflect that. I earn pocket change on the side and pass along money making methods that work for me. Mostly, my blog is about having fun, and is a place where I can be me.

Link us to one post from your blog that best defines who you are.

Keeping Your Man Happy

Wow! This was tough. I chose this post because I believe if the relationship between a husband and wife is healthy, then together they will make a happy home.

What sets you apart from other bloggers?

I think living the ranch life sets me apart a bit. Considering I'm only 31, I have ol' fashion views on the way family life should be lived. People seem to be interested in the way cowboys live, the scenery & animals, and the honesty that I display. I don't exaggerate or lie. That alone, sets me apart from MANY other bloggers, unfortunately.

When and how did you first discover blogging?

Oh gosh, I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this. I wanted some extra money and bought one of those "How to Make Money Blogging" ebooks on Ebay back in February. I learned real quick that it wasn't easy to make money fast but I did take away info such as, setting up a blog and picking a niche. So really, the ebook had a big helping hand in getting me where I am today.

What is your biggest pet peeve related to blogging or the internet?

Over exaggerated hype. This is geared towards money making, gossip, etc. I really hate when money hungry bloggers try to hype up a product, that they know, ain't worth a damn. I hate when people make gossip even worse--like gossip alone ain't enough. I just wish people were honest and not so quick to be judgmental.

Name one plugin, blogging widget, or service that you can’t live without.

Popular Posts. This gives newcomers a chance to see why I even have readers in the first place. These posts are popular, usually, 'cause they reflect my personality and/or benefit others.

If you could choose anyone, living or dead, to write a guest post for your blog,who would it be and why?

I would choose my Papaw. I would love to have had him tell people what is was like to ride on an Emperor's horse, maybe share a war story, and share his opinions on what keeps a marriage together (besides having a beautiful and funny woman at his side).

How has blogging made you a better person?

A couple of things come to mind. Participating in memes and commenting have increased my social skills. Having adult conversations, on an array of topics, has increased my vocabulary. A particular meme has even helped me overcome a terrible phobia I had;)
The learning factor is the other. The amount of knowledge I have gained is unreal. When you're just a cowboy's wife, you don't hear about politics so much or html at all. I have learned better writing skills, how to redesign templates, and so much more. This is has given me a new-found confidence that I can do anything.

What are your tips for becoming a better blogger?

Be honest.
Blog about what you know.
Be yourself.
Don't know something?..ask questions and learn.

Name one great blog that you read on a regular basis. What makes it unique?

My Single Mom Life

Kat is VERY honest and VERY blunt. She seems hardcore for the most part but when you read her thoughts on family and friends, you really see her soft side. She doesn't try to sell you bullshit--she's who she is and that's that. (pardon my language)

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