PayPerPost To Be Renamed When Argus is Unleashed  

When the new Argus is unleashed, along with it will come a new domain name instead of payperpost.com. We have been asked by Ted Murhpy, CEO, of PPP to give our opinions on the current domain name possibilities. You, too, can give your opinion by voting in my poll. If you can think of one better, please enter it in the "other" spot.

My Thoughts:

I, personally, think they are all unsuitable.

Out of the 4 choices:

1. bzzooka.com~~Are we talking about blogging for gum? If so, I think it's a great choice.

2. wompow.com~~HI-YAH! Great for cartoons with captions!

3. tremblor.com~~Donde esta el cucuy??!!

4. cloudshout.com~~Hey clouds, is it gonna rain today? I think this is the lamest one of them all and is completely random. Sorry.

I hate to hurt the feelings of the people responsible of coming up with these, but I really am disappointed in all of them. There has been such hype about the unveiling of Argus, that these names simply won't do. It has to be a name with a punch and one that can stand alone with pride. I was going to try to think of something but after reading these, well, I'm dumbfounded at the moment. I would like to think that the creative minds at PPP can do better than this.
These are my sole opinions. If you want to leave your opinion, please vote and/or leave a comment.

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