Nuthin' Like a Clean House  

Well, I was going to go to Sweetwater for a ranch rodeo this weekend but my boys did NOT want to miss school. Can you believe that? So we stayed home and cleaned. I bet they wished they had gone;) I made a HUGE cleaning list. I basically made an outline and listed every single thing that needed to be done in each room. The boys took that list and picked which ones they wanted to do. I told them if they fought over the chores that I would add more. We all pitched in and got it ALL done. It was hard considering my littlest guy was throwing up all day Saturday and crabby all Sunday. He got some shots on Friday so I think that's what made him ill. Anyways, there is nothing like a clean house is there!! It felt so good to do whatever I wanted without the guilt of a messy house hovering over me.

It was also a very nice day. It stayed mostly cloudy with the sunshine peeking through every now and then. I love days like that. We all enjoyed the fresh air!

What next?

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