My Virtual Makeover  

Years ago, I had some computer software that could give you a virtual makeover. The only problem with some software is that it get's outdated. If you get an online virtual makeover, you know that it will all be current and hip. I recommend http://www.makeoversolutions.com/. Not only can you get a makeover, you can also find some really great tips on makeup, hair, and what's hot with the celebs.

The one thing I would change about myself for fun, would be my hairstyle. I have always had long brown curly hair. I get so sick of sometimes. I thought I'd give the virtual makeover a shot and boy was I amused. It's super easy to do uploading my photo was a cinch. Now because I didn't want to take a new picture, I just went and cut the hair off of a recent picture I took and uploaded it. You pretty much place some circles where your eyes are and put some darts where the corners of your mouth and eyes are and that's it. After that, you can choose from celebrity hairstyles or just regular ones. They also give you some wonderful choices for lip, nail, and hair color. You can add accessories or even make your teeth whiter!! After making all your changes, you will see your final results. I have to say, this was too much fun! I had a blast and was cracking myself up putting all the different hairstyles on me. I finally decided on a hairstyle that would be completely opposite of what mine is. Drumroll please....................

OH YEAH!!! Short hair and blonde....LOOK OUT PARIS, HERE I COME!

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