$500 Puts Operation Fatty into Full Effect  

Okay, so the cowman is doing it again..doing what you say?? Well, he's giving away another $500 smackaroonies with the help of Micfo, a web hosting company. Since I'm not making money online at the rate I would like, my desperation leads me to enter the $500 giveaway in hopes to get Operation Fatty into full force.

I gained 60 bigguns' since the birth of my first son 14 years ago and have been a fatty ever since. The lbs went up and down and ended with me being round. (yes, I'm a poet and I know it;) I drink water, quit the cokes, and workout to Hip Hop Abs (yeah, I'm cool too). I keep trying to lose weight but it just keeps finding me. My final attempt at shedding the bigguns' is getting poked by weightloss injections. I've seen it done and know it works but I need the mooolah to get started on them.


I want my husband to be able to stand in front of me and still be seen by someone behind me.

I want to NOT have to lay on the bed to get my jeans zipped up.

I don't want everyone to make way for me as I start walking to the buffet.

I want my husband to grab my boob and not my fat by mistake.

I want to go through the drive-through at Mickey D's, order food for my family, and NOT have them think it's all for me.

Finally, I want to chase my little one around for longer than 3 minutes before wheezing and having an asthma attack.

There ya have it folks...Operation Fatty and how $500 could turn me into foxy. Come on CowMan.......

Help me go from

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