Marketing and Announcements by Voice  

Have you ever thought about a new marketing approach? Vontoo voice messaging is a creative way to market your business. Why voice messaging? Well, not everyone has access to email but everybody has a phone whether it's a cell or home phone. Delivering a message by voice also provides a more personal touch not to mention is a less expensive way to market than by direct mail. With three different plans, you're bound to find one that suits your needs.

Approaching Your Established Customers with voice messaging:

Jerry Leath, owner of Great Frame Up, had many customers with unused store credits. Jerry could easily have sent out mailers to these customers reminding them to come in and take advantage of their credits but how many people would have actually read the mailer and came in? I'm willing to bet, not too many. Jerry decided to use Vontoo to get the word out. He logged in at vontoo.com and recorded one message reminding his customers of their store credit. One message sent to 90 customers at the same time lead to at least a dozen new sales and upgrades with already established customers.

Making Annoucements and Informing Family & Friends:

Maybe you're not in a business but need to make an annoucement of sorts--say you're pregnant and you want to let all your friends and family know. How cool would it be to record your big annoucement and have it sent to everyone instantly!! Or maybe a loved one is in the hospital and you need to just give everyone a quick update--just create your message and send. Everyone now knows what's going on and you have eliminated a dozen phone calls of saying the same thing over again. I think Vontoo's voice messaging system has many, many potential uses.

Vontoo's voice broadcasting technology to create, send, and track is, not only, creative but is truly and innovative way to market in today's times, as well as, make that big annoucement. Vontoo is simple, fast, and effective!

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