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I was browsing some blogs when I came across Kuanyin's blog and her contest. All she wants you to do is subscribe and then watch the video and share a memory or feeling in her comments. I chose to blog about it because it brings a very special memory for me.

I happen to love Elvis but not as much as my mother-in-law. She would blush at the mention of his name:) When I played the video, it actually brought me to tears. Just the fact that it's Elvis makes me think of my mother-in-law but when I listened to the song it was a bit overwhelming for me. You see, I lost my mother-in-law to cancer 2 yrs, 4mths, and 18days ago. The cancer came without notice and consumed her in such a short amount of time. We didn't even have a chance to............................She was the most special and most wonderful person I have ever met and didn't deserve to be taken so soon.

I dedicate this post and this song to my mother-in-law, Anna.

If you would like to donate to the Skin Cancer Foundation, please check out my donate page for the relevant links.

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