Best WEB HOST Poll  

I will be getting my own website and domain soon and would really love to hear who you think the best web hosts are. You cantell me who it is and why with a comment.

UPDATE..I took the poll down because it was slowing my page way down. Just leave a comment if you want or vote at B Money Savvy

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3 Neighs & Snorts: to “ Best WEB HOST Poll

  • eternal flux
    August 20, 2007 at 7:07 AM  

    I am still using free stuff, but I am considering a host. Let me know what you find out.

    Sorry for the lack of responce. I don't log on much during the weekends!

    Come check out this weeks 20 questions!

  • cowboytf
    August 20, 2007 at 8:38 AM  

    Will do Flux. No prob..I was just checking on ya!

  • Alan
    August 20, 2007 at 10:33 AM  

    I like eleven2.com; they have 24/7 live support on instant messenger which is really cool. And right now they have a really great sale price going on.