The Saturday Special  

So I was going to do a Sunday special but since I will be participating in a new weekly meme called Sunday Self Portrait, I will be calling it "The Saturday Special". This is basically a recap of what happened all week just in case you missed something. Here we go:

If you're blogging to please the world, forget about it. You'll end up with blog depression. Quit worrying about everyone else and blog for yourself.

I submitted my site to qaudium32's directory and have received a huge increase in traffic. Thank you! You can submit your blog too. He also has some great internet tools you can use.

You still have time to enter in a few contests. You can see my entry, In Memory, into Kuanyin's blog. Even if you don't know what the f does C stand 4 in Cman's contest, you should still enter. Your lucky guess could win you a $100. And of course, you can still Subscribe 2 Win in my contest as well!

If you're a guy and need to know how to Keep Your Woman Happy, check out my tips. And if you're a gal needing to know how to Keep Your Man Happy, then I also got some tips for ya'll too.

If you're into forums and making money online, then you might be interested in DoshTalk. And if you want your own website without the cost, then look at my article at my B Money Savvy site called Blogspot to Website 4 Free.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for visitin' and come back soon!

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